Law Firms

Our law firm clients include mid-sized firms on up to the nation’s largest and most prestigious counsel. These firms represent a variety of legal disciplines, including well-regarded ERISA practice groups. FIA assists these law firm clients in structuring and overseeing a world-class retirement plan offering for their partners, associates and staff.

Law firms generally seek to partner with FIA on a full retainer basis to act as the co-fiduciary and provide investment-related advice on their defined contribution (i.e. 401(k)) plans, defined benefit pension plans, or both. FIA renders defined contribution advice that includes committee charter development, investment policy construction, fund menu design, fund selection, performance monitoring, and strategies for effectively communicating with and educating their employee populations. Just as importantly, plan vendor due diligence, full fee disclosure analysis, fee benchmarking and negotiation, legislative changes, and fiduciary best practices are all addressed via FIA’s full retainer consulting model.

Similarly, FIA assists law firms and their designated fiduciaries in building a state-of-the-art pension benefit. FIA’s defined benefit pension consulting services include advice on investment policy, asset allocation, asset/liability management, investment manager selection, fee analysis and negotiation and portfolio construction. Moreover, FIA regularly monitors plan performance and recommends changes as needed.
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