Municipal Plans

Our municipal clients run the gamut from small towns to larger cities throughout New England. We are active members and participants of many of the prominent public fund advocacy organizations, including the Government Finance Officers Association, the Connecticut Public Pension Forum, and the Massachusetts Association of Contributory Retirement Systems. As a result, we are very well-versed in the issues and challenges facing municipalities in the delivery of retirement benefits to their employees. We work with municipalities in a variety of settings, including traditional pension plans, contributory plans, and other post-employment benefit situations (OPEB trusts).

Our municipal clients rely on FIA to provide advice on investment policy, asset allocation, asset/liability management, investment manager selection, fee analysis and negotiation and portfolio construction. We then regularly monitor plan performance and recommend changes as needed. We work closely with other advisors to these clients (e.g. actuaries) to ensure that we deliver a seamless and integrated solution to the municipality.

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