Investment Consulting Services

FIA has been providing investment consulting services since our inception in 2006.  Prior to this firm’s formation, our core consulting team worked together for nearly two decades at a prior firm. We customize our solutions to meet the unique needs and requests of each of our clients. When first engaged with a client, we undertake a thorough diagnostic to review all aspects of our client’s position. We strive to identify all areas of opportunity and potential concern. The diagnostic process concludes with FIA’s specific recommendations and action steps.

This process is always very helpful in highlighting the right path for a new client. Rather than starting with any preconceived idea about where this process will end up, we customize each diagnostic to the specific client. In fact, we have instituted a policy where our internal FIA Investment Committee reviews each diagnostic to test the assumptions and recommendations.

FIA’s ongoing consulting is documented by The Fiduciary Trail®This is designed to ensure that all Fiduciary roles and responsibilities are addressed. Our clients can be confident they are meeting their obligations as a fiduciary, and we’ll take care of the rest.