Success Story


Global Manufacturing Company


  • A cash balance plan managed by a Wall Street brokerage firm
  • A 401(k) plan with a large recordkeeper, but no independent consultant


Cash Balance Plan – The Company had:

  • Outgrown the brokerage “manager of manager” model
  • Wanted to take a more institutional approach to asset allocation and manager selection to achieve better investment results

401(k) Plan – The Company was very satisfied with their recordkeeper from an administration stand point. However, they wanted a firm that could:

  • Take fiduciary status on the plan
  • Make investment recommendations to the in-house committee comprised of the top executives of the corporation
  • Address their concern with participant level fees


FIA was hired to provide a retainer suite of services which included overseeing the cash balance plan and the 401(k) plan.

Ongoing Success:

The Company

  • Implemented a custom low volatility asset allocation for their cash balance plan that tied into the CFO’s volatility risk budget
  • Hired institutional managers, including alternative managers and index funds
    • FIA now meets with the committee to monitor progress versus objectives


  • Benchmarked all plan investments and recommended replacing certain funds and adding certain asset categories
  • Streamlined the investment fund lineup with best in class institutional funds with low expenses
  • Significantly lowered plan fees
    • Monitors the funds and fees on an ongoing basis
  • Worked with The Company and the recordkeeper to develop a customized communication plan
    • Rolled out the positive changes to participants