Success Story


Local Government Pension Fund


The town had a longstanding relationship with an entity providing a fully bundled solution for the town’s retirement assets.


The Finance Board wanted:

  • Proactive investment advice
  • More formal fiduciary governance
  • Improved return potential
  • Lower fees
  • Better understanding of liabilities

An independent advisor was needed to help guide the town toward the new approach.


FIA was selected as their advisor to render our full suite of investment advisory services, including:

  • Portfolio Diagnostic Review
  • Investment Policy Statement Review/Development
  • Asset Allocation Planning and Development
  • Investment Manager Due Diligence & Selection
  • Portfolio Construction/Manager Fee Negotiation
  • Portfolio Performance Monitoring

Ongoing Success:

The end result:

  • A proactive approach to asset allocation advice
  • Cost savings
  • Improved fiduciary governance process
  • Best in class institutional investment managers