FIA Business Continuity Update

We communicated with you last week regarding our preparations in response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.  As we indicated at the time, we regularly test, and have on previous occasions successfully implemented, our company-wide “work from home” protocols.  After very careful deliberation, our firm has decided to formally implement its business continuity plan and has instructed all employees to begin working remotely, effective immediately.  As we further indicated in our previous communications, our associates retain full access to all the systems and resources needed to conduct business on behalf of our clients in an uninterrupted manner.

This decision was made with the welfare and well-being of our associates foremost among our considerations and is consistent with the responses that we are witnessing at the larger societal level.  We believe this adaptation to be the most responsible course of action to take considering the rapidly evolving circumstances.  We are not certain today of the duration of this change but will, of course, keep you fully apprised of developments as our thinking evolves.

Please continue to communicate with the individuals at FIA with whom you interact in the same manner as you have done in the past.  Our associates have access to the full complement of communication tools (email, phone & video) and can interact with you in a secure manner.  The functionality and capacity of our continuity program has been designed with these considerations in mind.

As always, please reach out to us with questions you may have.  We stand ready and prepared to help you navigate through any of the challenges that may be encountered during these somewhat unsettled times.