Defined Benefit White Papers

The Case for High Yield Credit

May 2020

Discount Rate Headwinds: A Continuing Theme for Plan Sponsors

November 2019

To Start or Not to Start LDI, That is the Question

August 2019

Corporate Pension Funds 1Q 2019 Update

April 2019

What Might the Yield Curve Be Telling Us Now?

April 2019

Evaluation of International Equities as an Asset Class

March 2019

Cash Balance Plan Design: Super-size your Retirement Benefits

January 2019

FANG’s Big Bite on U.S. Equity Returns

March 2018

Pension Funds 2017 Year in Review

January 2018

Pension Hygiene: Are You Doing the Best You Can?

September 2017

Acquisitions: Cyber Concerns to Consider

September 2017

Pension Funds: 2016 Year in Review, Looking Forward

January 2017

A Primer on Secondary Market Private Equity

April 2016

Corporate Pensions: Understanding the Landscape, Tackling Challenges

April 2016

Outsourced CIO – What Does It Mean to You?

October 2015

Pension Funds 2014 Year in Review – Tailwinds Turn to Headwinds

January 2015

Board Governance – A Structured Framework

December 2014

Corporate Pension Update: Higher Costs, Higher Liabilities – What’s a Plan Sponsor to do?

June 2014

Pension Funds – 2013 Year End Review – Market Improvement! Time to Play Defense?

January 2014

Corporate Pension Funding Levels Improve: Rising Interest Rates Helping to Bridge Gap

October 2013

Pension Funding Declines in 2012, Despite Strong Capital Market Results

March 2013

Pension Plan Management – Ideas & Trends

November 2012

The Pension Risk Transfer Landscape: Verizon, GM and Ford Transactions Set the Tone

November 2012

Congress Passes Bill With Pension Funding Relief

August 2012

Pension Plan Limits for the Tax Years 2006 – 2012

October 2011

Considerations for Terminating Pension Plans

October 2011