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Defined Benefit Services


An advisor who considers the plan's liabilities when developing investment advice.

Knowing that your investment consultant is your fiduciary partner.

Receiving performance metrics that are clear, fair, and unbiased.


Fiduciary Investment Advisors has been providing fiduciary investment advice to defined benefit plan sponsors since our inception.

FIA strongly believes that to be an effective partner with our pension clients, we must understand both sides of our clients' balance sheets to develop a customized investment solution that serves to mitigate risk and solve for each client's unique investment and financial goals. Our deep investment expertise, dedicated manager research, and actuarial credentials help us deliver investment solutions that meet the unique needs of our defined benefit plan clients in order to help them successfully navigate pension plan management.

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What Makes Us Different



100% Employee Owned.
No affiliations to distort our objectivity.



A legal obligation to place your interests first. No conflicts, no compromises, no outside influences.

Pension Risk Management Expertise

Pension Risk Management Expertise

Decades of pension experience with de-risking glide-path strategies and liability-aware fixed income portfolios.



We are compensated solely for our advice. No compensation is contingent upon the purchase or sale of financial products.



We leverage our Manager Research team to uncover capital market intelligence relevant to individuals and families.


We offer a range of services to help our defined benefit clients find solutions to their investment challenges. Whether you are leaning on your pension assets for growth or to mitigate liability risk, we can tailor an investment strategy to deliver on your pension goals.

We offer both non-discretionary 3(21) consulting as well as fully discretionary, OCIO services under our 3(38) fiduciary model.

Our Defined Benefit Investment Services Include:

  • Asset allocation/liability review
  • Customized investment portfolios/liability-driven investing program development
  • Portfolio de-risking glide path planning and development
  • Investment polity statement review/development
  • Portfolio diagnostic review
  • Manage and prepare pension assets for pension risk transfer or plan termination through annuity hedging and lump sum portfolio sleeves
  • Investment manager due diligence and selection
  • Portfolio cost analysis/manager fee negotiation
  • Portfolio performance/funding monitoring
  • Outsourced CIO Solutions

Types of Plans We Work With

Traditional Pension Plans

Both corporate and municipal pension plans rely on asset growth to support the long-term obligations of pension liabilities. Understanding how those liabilities develop is key to implementing an investment strategy that can help plan sponsors meet their final obligations and funding objectives. Whether the plan is open and accruing or closed and 'gliding' toward hibernation or termination, FIA works with each client to build a portfolio that delivers a comprehensive solution designed to meet surplus growth objectives with an appropriate level of risk.

Cash Balance Plans

As a 'hybrid' plan, Cash Balance plans can provide powerful savings and retention tools for employees. However, the right plan design is only half of the equation; having the right investment strategy in place can significantly reduce balance sheet volatility that plagues traditional pension plans. FIA works with many clients to incorporate specific plan design elements in the investment strategy in order to reduce surplus volatility and funding shortfalls.

Health & Welfare / OPEB

Employer-sponsored plans that provide a range of benefits to employees, such as life, health, disabilility, long-term care and post-retirement medical, can be complex. As companies and municipalities place greater importance on funding these plans, it's critical that the investment strategy and implementation align with the organization's funding goals and benefit payout structure. FIA works with municipalities and corporations to construct and maintain investment portfolios that recognize these complexities.