401(k) Advisory Services

FIA’s 401(k) plan consultants provide sponsors of defined contribution plans a full array of advisory services designed to assist with and enhance the fiduciary oversight of their employee 401(k) plans. With FIA’s 401(k) consulting services, we customize our solutions for each plan, recognizing that each institution has unique qualities and needs.

As part of the FIA process, a 401(k) consultant establishes clearly articulated goals and objectives, an appropriately designed and properly diversified fund menu, and a method to objectively evaluate investment performance and appropriate fee structures. Documenting this process provides the plan sponsor with confidence in knowing they are meeting their obligations as a fiduciary. We call this creating The Fiduciary Trail®.

Our core 401(k) consulting services include:

  • Investment Policy Statement Development and Review
  • Fund Menu Design
  • Investment Manager/Mutual Fund Search and Evaluation
  • QDIA Selection/Review
  • Peer/Industry Benchmarking
  • Total Plan Cost Analysis/Full Fee Disclosure
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring
  • Plan Vendor Evaluation/Search
  • Employee Communication & Education Assistance
  • Fiduciary Training
  • Client Record Retention Portal