FIA has significant experience incorporating ESG/SRI (Environmental, Social, Governance / Socially Responsible Investing) guidelines into client portfolios.  From religious organizations that adhere to certain investment restrictions to clients who are passionate about preventing climate change, we are able to accommodate the full complement of ESG/SRI considerations.  Thanks to our broad client base and our deep and experienced manager research team, we are adept at identifying investment managers who will be able to comply with a client’s stated guidelines while generating strong returns.  The field of ESG/SRI is constantly evolving, and in recent years has developed from a discipline based solely on exclusionary screens to a field that encompasses impact investing and managers who use their status as investors in order to inspire change.  When it comes to ESG/SRI investing, FIA has been able to meet our clients’ needs for more than two decades and will continue to make ESG/SRI investing a focus moving forward.

ESG Diversification – PLANSPONSOR Magazine, August – September 2018

ESG: A Brave New World of Investing