OCIO Services

For several years, FIA has offered its investment services in a discretionary format, whereby our firm assumes responsibility for the implementation and day-to-day oversight of the investment program. FIA’s OCIO services are the natural result and extension of our traditional advisory practice.  As a consequence, we have an appreciation for the nondiscretionary to fully-outsourced continuum and, in fact, have taken a number of our clients through that evolution.  We believe that our ability to customize an approach based on a client’s unique investment objectives and desired position on that service continuum, coupled with our considerable endowment experience, our focus on the institutional marketplace, and our absence of any conflicts, positions FIA as an optimal outsourcing partner.

OCIO/Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Include:

  • Investment Policy Development
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Manager Due Diligence & Selection
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Portfolio Performance Monitoring
  • Investment Fee Negotiation