OCIO Search & Monitoring Service

The CIO outsourcing marketplace is quite dynamic and fluid, with providers offering varied experience, service models, investment structures, and value propositions. Moreover, unwinding a poorly conceived solution, or one that no longer aligns with your organization’s needs, can be problematic. As a result, provider analysis and evaluation can be a challenging and time-consuming effort for many investment committees.

FIA draws upon our 20+ years of experience when advising institutions on the CIO outsourcing marketplace. As with all of FIA’s client relationships, a premium is placed on Strategic Thinking; Customized Solutions so as to arrive at the solution that best meets the needs of the individual client.

Managing a process that facilitates an accurate and detailed comparison across providers and solutions, and leveraging FIA’s proprietary OCIO database.

FIA’s OCIO services include the following:

  • Comprehensive review of the OCIO marketplace
  • Guidance on, and design of, an appropriate outsourced CIO strategy
  • Design, preparation, and management of a customized search and evaluation process
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the selected OCIO provider