“From our very first meeting with Karen, we recognized that obtaining clarity on her overall financial picture was of paramount importance to her.”

After 30 years of marriage, with her two children off at college, Karen discovered that she and her husband John wanted different things in life. John had risen in his company to an executive role requiring frequent global business travel and had no intention of retiring. Karen desired to use this time between raising her family and enjoying grandchildren to explore and was looking for a partner to share the experience. They still cared for each other but realized that their relationship as husband and wife was no longer compatible.

Karen had been a rising sales executive at a Fortune 500 company before she stepped aside to raise her children and support John’s career. With the kids away at school, she had explored returning to the workforce but found her options limited. Travel was a priority for her, so restarting her career would not be an option. Facing the dissolution of her marriage, Karen felt more and more “lost” – not knowing what her future held – and was anxious to start moving forward. From our very first meeting with Karen, we recognized that obtaining clarity on her overall financial picture was of paramount importance to her.

Karen had handled the day-to-day expenses associated with the household but had only minimally involved herself with the investments. Additionally, a majority of the couple’s wealth was tied to John’s company. Karen was uncertain on how this would impact her future financial picture and whether it would limit her ability to move on and do the things she desired. She also recognized that decisions made during extreme emotional change are not always ideal. We helped Karen focus on quantifying her current and anticipated expenditures that reflected both separate households and her immediate goals.

We provided projections and “what if” scenarios that helped Karen make informed decisions as her negotiations with John progressed. Our experience and objectivity allowed us to provide Karen with insight and advice on the transition process, setting priorities and timelines so that she could handle the flood of decisions in a logical and clear manner. When it came time to implement an investment strategy, Karen knew that it was designed in accordance with her objectives and she understood all of its components and rationale. Despite her initial uncertainty and fear, Karen felt empowered by having an advocate who was able to provide objective financial information during an extremely emotional time. The work with her attorney was also greatly supported by the presence of a financial advisor who not only understood the matrimonial division process, but was proactive and compassionate. Karen and John were able to reach an agreement on the division of assets quickly, saving substantial money. Now that the divorce is final, Karen is participating in the investment process and moving on with her life knowing that she understands and owns her financial future.