Private Client Group

FIA’s independent, customized approach to investment consulting is well suited to meet the needs of families intent on protecting and increasing wealth for the benefit of members of multiple generations. We begin with an asset allocation study and the development of a comprehensive statement of investment objectives and guidelines. We guide the process of manager selection, drawing on in-depth knowledge of managers in all the traditional domestic and international asset classes. When appropriate, we include managers of venture capital, private equity, hedge funds or real estate. We seek to identify tax-efficient solutions throughout, and we are equipped to address issues of socially responsible investing. Our experience with trusts and family foundations has taught us that successful management of private wealth can be a collaborative effort, often involving a client’s legal and tax advisors. We provide ongoing monitoring of performance and quarterly reporting, benchmarking performance against market indexes and peer groups. We are dedicated to a high level of personal communication, including education of family members new to investing, in order to provide peace of mind.

Our private client services include:

  • Portfolio diagnostic review
  • Needs assessment — identify goals and objectives
  • Risk profile assessment
  • Asset allocation study
  • Full fee review and analysis
  • Investment manager research and due diligence
  • Portfolio construction and management
  • Income and withdrawal strategies
  • Access to financial planning (or, projection and forecasting tools)
  • Written recommendations for action plan/implementation
  • Partnership with other professional providers (accountants, lawyers, trustees)
  • Ongoing portfolio performance monitoring and reporting

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