Our corporate clients operate throughout a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, entertainment and service, just to name a few. We assist these clients by serving as co-fiduciary for the services we provide on their most valuable employee benefit – their retirement plans – which may be defined benefit pension, 401(k), or oftentimes both.

Corporate pension and 401(k) plans most often utilize a full complement of our services on a retainer basis. Our corporate pension clients rely on FIA to provide advice on investment policy, asset allocation, asset/liability management, investment manager selection, fee analysis and negotiation and portfolio construction. We then regularly monitor plan performance and recommend changes as needed.

Corporate 401(k) clients typically employ FIA on a full-retainer basis as well. For these clients, we provide advice on investment related matters, including investment policy, fund menu design, fund selection, performance monitoring and employee communication/education. In addition, these clients highly value the advice we provide on other equally important aspects of 401(k) plan oversight, including plan vendor due diligence, full fee disclosure analysis, fee benchmarking and negotiation, legislative changes, and fiduciary best practices. Oftentimes, corporate 401(k) plan sponsors will hire FIA to conduct plan vendor searches on a project fee basis, whether they are seeking to replace their current vendor or are simply looking to evaluate the current plan record-keeping market environment.

Corporate Retirement Plans We Manage:

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