Endowments & Foundations

Our not-for-profit endowment and foundation clients are comprised of a diverse group of organizations, including hospitals, educational institutions, cultural organizations, family foundations and community foundations. These endowment and foundation investment pools are typically overseen by groups of volunteers who may have neither the time nor expertise to oversee the fiduciary assets entrusted to them and thus seek out the services of a professional investment consulting firm like FIA to provide co-fiduciary oversight and support.

Endowments and foundations typically utilize a full complement of our services on a retainer basis. These clients rely on FIA to provide advice on investment policy, spending policy, asset allocation, investment manager selection, fee analysis and negotiation and portfolio construction. We then regularly monitor plan performance and recommend changes as needed. Our foundation and endowment clients also appreciate the advice we provide on matters of fiduciary governance and best practices, as well as the education we provide to investment committee members.

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